New Zealand can be a world leader in the trusted, inclusive and protected use of shared data, to deliver a prosperous society.

A mutli-stakeholder engagement and co-design process, online and inperson, to envision a data future that works for all of us.

The Data Commons Collaborative Design project is convening three design teams working in parallel. Each team will consist of subject matter experts working with researchers on an aspect of the solution. At appropriate times during the project, the teams will bring their findings togetherand work on the blueprint of design options.

“Each design team will move through all four steps of the double diamond methodology in the course of this
stage of the project”


Our Data Commons needs to understand its market and have a viable business model to resource its continued growth and development

2. Ownership & Governance

Our Data Commons needs to be owned and governed by the people who use and contribute to the commons and enshrine the NZDF principles

3. Technology

Our Data Commons needs to utilise technology that will underpin the NZDF principles

The resulting blueprint will be be tested with a number of stakeholders to
ensure that it successfully communicates the project’s core ideas.