The Data Commons Blueprint

A high-trust, lower-cost alternative to enable data integration and reuse.


"The central challenge is trust. Data integration and reuse at scale can create significant value for all parties – data contributors, and data reusers – but only if people can create and maintain a high-trust relationship in regard to the transactions they are participating in."



Our Vision

If New Zealand enacts these principles, we will achieve an internationally competitive advantage in social and environmental outcomes, data sharing based entrepreneurship, and in science.


High Trust

We build trust and confidence in institutions involved through appropriate data use and management.

High Value

Creates real benefits for New Zealand Inc.

Participant Controlled

Privacy concerns are addressed by providing individuals with greater control over the use of their personal, community, research and commercial data.


All parts of society, not just business or government, have the opportunity to participate and benefit from data use and reuse

Our initiative is about turning the New Zealand Data Futures Forum principles into practice.